Any system is an assembly of parts that interact together for a common purpose. The parts of the system are related in such a way that each depends on the others to do whatever job there is to be done. No single part can do the job alone, and any malfunction or delay is likely to affect the whole system. The way our body works is an amazing thing. The human body itself is an example of a complex system.

An Integrated Water Supply project/system works similar to a sound human body. Each subsystem in a water supply project has its own exclusive objectives and each part exactly performs its predefined function in a perfect manner. Just as our bodies rely on food intake for providing us the energy to perform various functions, Water Supply Systems/Projects source the raw water from Surface Water Source/River through an Intake Well. Much like heart, a Water Treatment Plant and a Pumping Station performs the functions of purifying and providing enough pressure or flow to water to make it reach to end consumers. Similar to arteries in the human body, water transmission network & distribution lines transport water from WTP to Over Head Tanks & OHT’s to end consumers respectively.

JWIL is an EPC & Turnkey Solution provider company in Water & Wastewater Sector, among others, structured with experienced techno-commercial team in place and poised to execute projects in a well-coordinated way similar to a sound human body through its vital organs.

Drinking Water – Supply & Distribution Management

JWIL has infrastructure and resources essential to implement drinking water supply and Water Distribution system with required technology to monitor quantity and quality of water supplies including billing system.

Wastewater Collection/Treatment/Reuse

JWIL has got good expertise in constructing intakes & Jackwell intended to draw huge water volumes from the source for human or industrial consumption.


JWIL has extensive experience in design, supply, laying, jointing, testing and commissioning of bulk and distribution pipeline network for raw water supply for irrigation

Water to Power Plants

JWIL has contributed significantly to enhance the power generation capacity with proven project management and delivery experience of its construction capabilities.

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